Three Great Mexican Restaurants Brought to you by San Antonio TX Hood Cleaning.

I just love a good Mexican food.  I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to a Mexican restaurant and been disappointed in the food.  I tend to like the food I make at home.  I make great guacamole and amazing tacos.  I have a recipe for chicken tacos that I just love as well.  So today I looked at the city of San Antonio, Texas and found three Mexican restaurants that caught my eye that I will have to visit when I get to San Antonio.

San Antonio Texas RestaurantsWapo Taco is located on the northwest corner of 410 and Babcock.  They are proud to say they are not a Tex-Mex kind of food.  Their goal is to provide authentic, affordable, delicious Mexican food.  They offer non-traditional and traditional plates that will allow everybody in your party to find the food they want.

Owned by the Trujillo’s, they come from a small town in Mexico called Tala, Jalisco.  Tala, Jalisco and is known for their government-operated sugar refinery.  Tala is about thirty kilometers west of Guadalajara.

Their first restaurant in 1999 was in Indianapolis, Indiana which was followed by another in 2001 and their third was in 2004.  Wapo Taco was opened on June 1, 2016 using the successful recipes they used for their first three restaurants.

They have rave reviews online that gives them a four-star rating.

Rosario’s, located in Downtown-Southtown, has food critics giving them praise all the time.  Voted “Best Mexican Restaurant” in San Antonio and Critics’ Choice for “Best Restaurant to Take Out-of-Town Guests” has both locals and visitors putting this place on their Bucket List.San Antonio Texas Restaurant Mexican

Owner, Lisa Wong, started her journey in restaurants at the tender age of eighteen when she took seven thousand dollars of her college funds and opened her first restaurant. It was an instant success and Lisa has not looked back ever since.

Lisa is a native of San Antonio with a mix of Chinese and Mexican descent.  Her father owned a Chinese restaurant and her mother mixed up amazing Mexican dishes in their home kitchen.  This inspired Lisa to go out on her own and be an entrepreneur.  When Rosario’s was in bankruptcy court in 1992, Lisa saw the opportunity to purchase it and reestablish it in the Southtown/King William area.  Seven years later, she moved the restaurant to a larger location with ten thousand square feet.  That was triple the size of the original restaurant.

San Antonio TX Restaurant FlanLisa’s generosity knows no bounds.  She is active in her community donating then thousand dollars to The Children’s Shelter and twenty-five thousand for Katrina relief.  Her awards and recognitions are too numerous to list in this article.

Today it is a place where the artists, politicians, musicians and the who’s who love to dine.  No wonder Rosario’s has over twenty-five hundred rave reviews on the web.

San Antonio Texas Restaurant PhotoPaloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine, located at 5800 Broadway St., opened in 1997 with the vision of practicing the Golden Rule.  They will always treat and work with their guests as they would want to be treated.  Located at  they have an open and airy atmosphere that keeps patron coming back.

Richard Peacock, Jr. is the President of Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine and has been a part of the company from its inception.  While he does not work in the restaurant, he does oversee the day to day operation.  His full-time job, a commercial real estate agent, at his father’s brokerage firm gives him the ability to give back to the community.  He is a former Chairman of the Terrell Hills Planning and Zoning Commission, he also served as President of the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation.San Antonio Texas Restaurant Media

Vice President and General Manager, Nelly Mendoza got her start in Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine as a hostess in 1998.  She was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico was only seventeen when she moved to San Antonio and started working in the restaurant.  Since then she has moved up the ranks with her hard work ethic to be named VP/GM in 2003.  The restaurant serves over thirty-five hundred meals a week and employees over seventy-five people.

People love to post about them on the internet and give them over a four-star rating.

San Antonio TX Hood Cleaning is proud to bring this article to you.  They have trained, bonded and licensed professionals who do hood cleaning all over the San Antonio, Texas area.

Next time you are in a restaurant, ask the owner/manager when their last hood cleaning was done.  They should be able to show you a certificate from their hood cleaning company that it is done quarterly.  Having a thorough hood cleaning done on a quarterly basis reduces not only the risk of grease fires but food contamination as well.

How We Expanded Our Hood Cleaning Business

My husband and I have a hood cleaning business, but it was not doing as well as we had expected.  We contacted our friends in Nashville, Tennessee who have had a successful hood cleaning business for twenty years.

They were delighted to hear from us and invited us to come to Nashville to visit their company, Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros.  So, we packed our bags and headed to Nashville for a few days to get an education.

We rented a small cottage at the edge of town, unpacked our bags and went to sleep.  The next day we headed to Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros to see our friends.

Hood Cleaning Nashville TNWe were amazed so see their facility was so efficient.  They had a small office with a large attached warehouse and three trucks outfitted with hood cleaning equipment.  The warehouse stores the chemicals and extra parts needed to keep the trucks fully inventoried.  They made a decision years ago to keep at least three of everything in stock because there were a couple of times the trucks needed something, and they had to wait days for shipping or worse yet weeks if the items were back ordered.

We reviewed the hood cleaning equipment they used as well as the accessories and made notes on where we could upgrade and improve our hood cleaning equipment and accessories.  Believe it or not, this took pretty much the majority of the day.

That evening we just wanted to go to dinner at a place that was casual and served an amazing hamburger.  We chose The Stillery in their downtown location as it was closet to our friends’ business and we were pretty burned out.  We were happy to find the place was exactly what we wanted.  I tried pickle chips for the first time and they were delightful!

Day two found us back at our friends at Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros.  Today they wanted to review our website and recommend some changes.  We could not believe how much time they put into their website.  They had separate pages describing the different types of commercial kitchen cleaning they performed.  They showed us how many times “hood cleaning” is typed into the search engines and how it was an important phrase to include many times in our website.

They had some amazing pictures of the hood cleaning jobs they have done.  I was surprised to see that they not only clean restaurants, they also have contracts with senior living facilities, seasonal camps, schools and many other places that have commercial kitchens.

We discussed how they work with their clients to have an ongoing relationship.  Once they have done the initial hood cleaning, they recommend to the owner or manager they schedule regular cleanings.  They will give a certificate after each cleaning along with pictures of before and after the hood cleaning.  This enables the restaurant to then post they are keeping the kitchen professionally clean and, in many cases, it has lowered their insurance.  This also helps when health inspectors come into the restaurant.  They see the restaurant is maintain their equipment and reducing the chance of a fire.Hood Cleaning Nashville TN media

That evening we dined at The Southern Steak and Oyster in SoBro district.  Using influences from the Caribbean to the Gulf Coast and from North Carolina to Nova Scotia, they serve up an amazing array of meals.  The shuck-to-order oysters were amazingly delicious, and I could hardly stop eating them.  They use locally sourced beef and locally grown produce so they can support the ranchers and farmers.

The third day we met our friends for breakfast downtown in The Gulch at Biscuit Love.  We were so warmly and enjoyed the Southern hospitality.  We learned they originally started in an Airstream food truck and have grown to three restaurants.

Our friends explained that they encourage their crews to go out to breakfast before they go home after work.  This has become a successful way to pick up new clients.  Here you have a crew of three or four people who have worked all night and are now enjoying a great breakfast.  The conversation of what they do for a living becomes natural to the employees of the restaurant and most of the time they get the name of the person to talk to about cleaning their commercial kitchen.

As we headed home, we felt we had a much better handle on how we could grow our business.  Thanks to our friends at Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros we believe we can now retire from hood cleaning in only a few years.